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It is not possible for power to be exercised without knowledge, it is impossible for knowledge not to engender power.

Michel Foucault

Bill Nguyen: The Boy In The Bubble | Fast Company →

Profile of Color CEO Bill Nguyen, one that makes him sound more than enigmatic, perhaps clinically hypomanic.

In Re: bijan sabet on Some thoughts about Siri →

Bijan attributes new feature of iOS Notifications to Siri


Siri plus geofencing is killer. I use Siri in the car. My common use is “remind me to xyz when I get home”.

One example: the other night, Lauren and I were out for dinner on a date. Kids were at home with the babysitter. My daughter called me and told me she lost her tooth. I was in the car when the call came. When I got off the phone, I said to Siri: “remind me to put $5 under ellie’s pillow when I get home”.

After dinner, we saw a movie and I forgot about the tooth (i know, bad dad). The moment I walked into the house, i got a push notification with the reminder. Fucking magical.

But I did that the other day without Siri. I created a notification on iOS 5, to remind me to pick up a torx driver when I was near the hardware store, and the next day I was pinged as I walked by the store. As Bijan says, magical, but not because of Siri. Yes, it’s slightly easier to merely say it instead of typing it, but the magic is iOS 5.

There was a time, not long ago, when you could sum up each company quite neatly: Apple made consumer electronics, Google ran a search engine, Amazon was a web store, and Facebook was a social network. How quaint that assessment seems today.

- Farhad Manjoo, The Great Tech War Of 2012

Manjoo says all four giants — Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon — will all ‘win’, which is just another way of saying that 2012 is just a battlefield, not the entire war.

In Dubai, traffic accidents fell 20 per cent from average rates on the days BlackBerry users were unable to use its messaging service. In Abu Dhabi, the number of accidents this week fell 40 per cent and there were no fatal accidents.

Traffic accidents in Abu Dhabi decreased significantly during the BlackBerry outage.

BlackBerry cuts made roads safer, police say - The National

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What Happened To Downtime? The Extinction Of Deep Thinking And Sacred Space →


Interruption-free space is sacred. Yet, in the digital era we live in, we are losing hold of the few sacred spaces that remain untouched by email, the Internet, people, and other forms of distraction. Our cars now have mobile phone integration and a thousand satellite radio stations. When walking from one place to another, we have our devices streaming data from dozens of sources. Even at our bedside, we now have our iPads with heaps of digital apps and the world’s information at our fingertips.

I do my best deep thinking in the early morning, just as I am waking, in that halfway zone between awake and aware.

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Data Reveals That “Occupying” Twitter Trending Topics is Harder Than it Looks! - Gilad Lotan →

Analysis of trending topics via-s-vis #occupywallstreet and other #occupyeverywhere yeilds insights about trending.



Everything You Need to Know About iOS 5 in Seven Minutes →

Good summary of new features in iOS 5.

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