For if we say that we lack authority to give credence to our testimony, we speak beside the point. For in my opinion, from the most ordinary, familiar and commonplace things, if we see them properly, we could construct the greatest miracles in nature and the most wonderful examples, especially on the subject of human actions.

Michel de Montaigne on experience, anticipating working out loud and design innovation (via simonterry)

Gordon Ross interviewed me as a preamble to a Future of Work panel session that is coming up 29 April 2014. I spoke about the future of work in general terms, and more specifically about the skills needed for work in the new postnormal economy.

Stay tuned for the remainder of the Future of Work series featuring Dave Gray (author of Gamestorming and The Connected Company), Megan Murray (Moxie Software), and David Ascher (Mozilla) in coming weeks.

Socialogy Interview: Anne Marie McEwan

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