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Turn And Face The Change

Writing at GigaOM Research has started to have a collateral impact in a far corner of my world. I am directing a great deal of my most mainstream social business and future of work writing there (and enjoying it), much of which would have appeared here, at And as I have started to accept the fact that I can’t write at any depth about where the social revolution is headed without a larger scope — including design thinking, economics, cognitive science, and social criticism — more of what used to appear in is showing up here. 

As an obvious case in point, I wrote Debunking Compulsory Coupledom here the other day, which even a few weeks ago I would have posted at

I have to face it: underpaidgenius is becoming significantly less important to me, and looks destined to become a combination recipe box and travel diary, with an occasional poem or political rant. 

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