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Turn And Face The Change

Writing at GigaOM Research has started to have a collateral impact in a far corner of my world. I am directing a great deal of my most mainstream social business and future of work writing there (and enjoying it), much of which would have appeared here, at And as I have started to accept the fact that I can’t write at any depth about where the social revolution is headed without a larger scope — including design thinking, economics, cognitive science, and social criticism — more of what used to appear in is showing up here. 

As an obvious case in point, I wrote Debunking Compulsory Coupledom here the other day, which even a few weeks ago I would have posted at

I have to face it: underpaidgenius is becoming significantly less important to me, and looks destined to become a combination recipe box and travel diary, with an occasional poem or political rant. 

What I Write About, And Where

I am going through a shift in the focus of my various writing projects, primarily because of the new role I’ve taken on at GigaOM, as a curator in the Social channel. So, a great deal of my analysis on tools and techniques for social business will be showing up there, with regular links and a monthly update here at Other topics at will include basically all the topics that I think impinge on what I am calling the Postnormal economy: technology, economics, business, science, and futures in general. My other interests — principally culture and politics — are found as always at, and there is the special case of, where I advocate for a more walkable Beacon, NY, the city where I now reside.

Going Back To Two Blogs

After experimenting a few days with collapsing everything I blog onto, I have decided that I am too set in my ways, and I’ll go back to posting politics, economics, and so on back on underpaidgenius. I may do a lot more cross posting in the future, though.

China Consolidates Control of Rare Earth Industry - Keith Bradsher →

China produces nearly 95 percent of the world’s rare earth materials, and it is taking the steps to improve pollution controls in a notoriously toxic mining and processing industry. But the moves also have potential international trade implications and have started yet another round of price increases for rare earths, which are vital for green-energy products including giant wind turbines, hybrid gasoline-electric cars and compact fluorescent bulbs. General Electric, facing complaints in the United States about rising prices for its compact fluorescent bulbs, recently noted in a statement that if the rate of inflation over the last 12 months on the rare earth element europium oxide had been applied to a $2 cup of coffee, that coffee would now cost $24.55.
I read in Wikipedia that rare earths are distributed globally, but it will take years to build up the infrastructure to process them in reasonable quantities.

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