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Peak TV



“Peak Television”

Oh shit.

I used ‘peak TV’ five months ago: see

(via underpaidgenius)

NPD: Global LCD TV Shipments Fall for First Time - Tess Stynes via WSJ →

We have officially passed peak TV:

Tess Stynes via WSJ

Global television shipments fell 8% in the first quarter from a year earlier, as LCD-TV volume posted its first year-over-year drop, according to research firm NPD Group.

LCD TV shipments fell 3% to 43.1 million units from a year earlier and were down by a third quarter-to-quarter. World-wide TV shipments fell 32% from the fourth quarter to 51.2 million.

As TV becomes absorbed as ‘just another sort of media’ by the Web it is being transformed into New TV. New TV is about a swarm of devices — smartphone, tablet, PC, dumb display, but not just a dumb TV in the corner.

Demand for gigantic monitors will decrease — except for the older demographics — because people aren’t just using TV in the living room: it’s wherever they are, using whatever displays that are available. And the payback on a 50 inch bulb decreases if you are watching in bed, on the train, in the bathtub, at a friend’s house.

The WSJ piece makes no effort to thread these numbers into some larger societal trend, which is a shame.

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