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Blog 2.0 —- More Conversation Required

Apparently my planned revamp for /Message is part of a greater trend that I was unaware of:

[from Hugh MacLeod’s twits]

Thinking about gapingvoid 2.0. gapingvoid 1.0 HAS GOT to die…

And Dave Winer’s response:

[from Winer’s twits]

@gapingvoid, funny I’m thinking the same thing! (About Scripting News.)

Of course Winer has been threatening blogicide for some time, so who knows what he means by “die”…

I mean a drastic reworking of the site. I have a new logo, but nothing else yet. Here’s the logo in a sticker I put together for the new Moo sticker product:

message logo skia moo

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