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I see software as the testing ground for the future, a place where we can put on our training wheels and get our ethics right and develop cultural and social norms for how technology should relate to humans.

Jonathan Harris, Founder of Cowbird

speaking at CreativeMornings/NewYork (*watch the talk)

via Keenan Cummings (at fieldstudy), who comments:

I am more than optimistic about the ability of technology to go deeper, for our relationship to technology to become more intimate and meaningful, and, in turn, our relationships with each other. This will have less to do with the capability of engineering and more to do with the capability of users. We do not engineer meaning, but we can engineer things that pull wonderful things out of people. If you believe people are no more than like-button clicking machines you should be working to change that, or you should not be working for the internet.

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