Laughter Produces Endorphins, Study Finds - NYTimes.com

Social laughter, Dr. Dunbar suggests, relaxed and contagious, is “grooming at a distance,” an activity that fosters closeness in a group the way one-on-one grooming, patting and delousing promote and maintain bonds between individual primates of all sorts.

Read it Later gets a hot looking new web app with sorting, filtering, tags and more - TNW Apps


I am bearish on all the ‘read it later’ apps — like instapaper and Read It Later — I think we need social curation tools that are more tied to our networks, and less to our own reading — but at first glance, the Read It Later new release looks good.

At TechCrunch Conference, Talk of a Bubble - NYTimes.com

Curiously, the answer to the question of whether a new tech bubble existed was not determined by wealth or status, but rather age.

It doesn’t mean the older people who fear a bubble are right, but they might be seeing the signs. Or maybe they are scared of the shadow of other mounting and bad economic news?

Hunter-gatherer populations show humans are hardwired for density « Per Square Mile


Research by Marcus Hamilton, Bruce Milne, Robert Walker, and Jim Brown have found a power law for hunter-gatherer density.

Though their survey of 339 present-day hunter-gatherer societies doesn’t explicitly mention cities, it does show that as populations grow, people tend to live closer together—much closer together. For every doubling of population, the home ranges of hunter-gatherer groups increased by only 70 percent.

It's Official: Arrington Out at AOL; Schonfeld New TechCrunch Editor - Kara Swisher - Media - AllThingsD


So the Arrington era at Techcrunch is over. They killed the Witch of the West with a bucket of cold water. Personally, I thought Mike wanted out from the start, and had been goading them to fire him several times in the past. Schonfeld is a much more down-to-earth choice, and won’t even attempt to become a king-maker, like Arrington. And now, Ariana will be able to meld Techcrunch into HuffPo, somehow.

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