Bloggers More Connected Than Journalists

A Plaxo-sponsored survey discovered that bloggers are more connected than journalists and reporter:

[via email from Alicia Mickelsen (Breakaway Communications)]

A new survey to be announced tomorrow rated 50 different professions by connectedness and found some interesting results – including that bloggers are more connected than reporters/journalists/writers. The survey compared the size of each profession’s address book, and bloggers have an average of 267 contacts in their address books while reporters had an average of 247 contacts. The overall average address book holds 203 contacts.

8% more connected! Booyah!

Actually sounds fairly weak, and might be more of an indication that bloggers are 8% more likely to commit a contact to Plaxo. Another example about the twisting of statistics when you have hardened marketing types trying to propagandize the world instead of understanding it.

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