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The ever accelerating progress of technology … gives the appearance of approaching some essential singularity in the history of the race beyond which human affairs, as we know them, could not continue.

John von Nuemann

The collar of the future is a hoodie.

Amy Webb, Pew Internet Digital Life in 2025

Judith Donath, Pew Internet Digital Life in 2025

Judith Donath, Pew Internet Digital Life in 2025

Into every tidy scheme for arranging the pattern of human life it is necessary to inject a certain dose of anarchism, enough to prevent immobility leading to decay, but not enough to bring about disruption.

Bertrand Russell, Skeptical Essays

We don’t need tough guys. We need wise guys. We’ve tried tough guys, and it always ends in tears.

Adam Gopnik on Presidential toughness: (via newyorker)

(Source:, via emergentfutures)

Every dictator thinks he’s Lee Kuan Yew.
The Web will be the single most foundational aspect of people’s lives in 2025. People’s companion devices — the 2025 equivalent of today’s phones and tablets — will be the first thing they touch in the morning and the last thing they put down to sleep. In fact, some people will go so far as to have elements of their devices embedded. The AI-mediated, goggle-channeled social interactions of the near future will be as unlike what we are doing today, as today’s social Web is to what came before. The ephemeralization of work by AI and bots will signal the outer boundary of the industrial age, when we first harnessed the power of steam and electricity to amplify and displace human labor, and now we see that culminating in a possible near-zero workforce. We have already entered the post-normal, where the economics of the late industrial era have turned inside out, where the complexity of interconnected globalism has led to uncertainty of such a degree that it is increasing impossible to find low-risk paths forward, or to even determine if they exist. A new set of principles is needed to operate in the world that the Web made, and we’d better figure them out damn fast. My bet is that the cure is more Web: a more connected world. But one connected in different ways, for different ends, and not as a way to prop up the mistakes and inequities of the past, but instead as a means to answer the key question of the new age we are barreling into: What are people for?

Stowe Boyd, Pew Internet’s Digital Life In 2025

Nadella’s email drips with that familiar mixture of faux sympathy and non-information that is so typical of carefully managed corporate communication.

Lee Hutchinson, Microsoft layoff e-mail typifies inhuman corporate insensitivity

Lee Hutchinson didn’t think much of Nadella’s layoff announcement email from a few weeks ago, because if concealed as much as it shared, and shows a deep lack of sympathy for those being sacked.

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