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Socialogy: Interview With Will McInnes

Will McInnes, #cltrshck weekly ammo 8

Beyond Social: imagining the post-normal business

This is Stowe Boyd’s keynote from Meaning 2012.

It is jam-packed with brainfood about the near-future of business. I recommend it: you’ll walk away with something to mull, something to pass on.

The Meaning 2012 conference was a blast, although I should have flown in a day earlier, to get delagged better.

I Hate Wikis

I confess that I hate using wikis. They’re a mess. I like more fundamental structure, like posts on a group blog, or explicit interviews, and old style long-form writing.

I was having a discussion with Will McInnes about this, and I decided to solicit others’ thoughts, leading to this:

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