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Stowe Boyd

Finally, the web — soon to become the cybersphere — will no longer resemble a chaotic cobweb. It’s already started to happen. Instead, billions of users will spin their own tales, which will merge seamlessly into an ongoing, endless narrative: the earth telling its own story.

David Gelernter, The End of the Web, Search, and Computer as We Know It

Time is the new space. We invented the web to happen to ourselves. The largest, most expensive human artifact ever built turns out to be the social web, where all roads lead back to us.

(via wildcat2030)

What Will Matter In The Future? My talk from the recent Startupfest in Montreal.

From the description:

We have to have some idea of the world we are headed for sowhat we do will matter. It makes no sense to build a better mousetrap unless there will still be mice to trap. In this session, Stowe Boyd will explore some deep trends to help today’s startup entrepreneurs head in a profitable direction, like these:

  • It is the business of the future to be dangerous
  • Whatever the Web touches, it consumes
  • Technology is everything that was invented after you were thirteen
  • The next frontier will be the ruins of the unsustainable
  • The central economic imperative of the new economy is to amplify relationships.

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