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To be social is to be forgiving.

- Robert Frost

Twitter is now the fastest-growing social network for teens.

Bernhard Warner, More Evidence Shows Teens Prefer Twitter, Reddit to Facebook

Pew and Piper Jaffray research form May show Facebook fatigue is growing for teenagers.

#efermr Makes Tweets Ephemeral

#efemr is a service that makes Tweets time-limited.  After signing up for the service — which needs access to your account to remove the time-limited tweets — efermer looks for tweets from you that have a time stamp in a hashtag — #1h (1 hour) or #5m (5 minutes) — and then deletes the tweet at the appropriate time. efermer retains the deleted tweets so that you can report, of archive.

It would be relatively easy to add a delay as well — #+2h or #+10m — and combinations.
Personally, I think it would be best if I DM’d #efermr the message to be posted, and it then posted on my behalf publicly without revealing the hashtags. I want to keep my ephemeral tweets to myself.

Suffering From Social Fatigue?

Please take my survey, here. I’ll publish results.


It’s a social-mobile world folks…


It’s a social-mobile world folks…

The phrase ‘engagement at scale’ is brands hoping that mass marketing techniques will work on the social web.

Stowe Boyd via twitter

Always Beginning, Never Finished

I build on some thoughts of Anna Carlson regarding hierarchical versus networked learning in business, and how fear can affect organizational learning:

Stowe Boyd, Social learning accelerates innovation faster than innovation processes

I maintain that fear is perhaps the biggest barrier to innovation, creativity, and resilience in organizations, so the first point to draw from Carlson’s piece that work to reduce the culture of fear that exists in so many organizations.

Anna goes on:

Societally and in the media we celebrate the beauty of youth, we see this as being fresh, open, malleable, exciting and open to opportunity. Whereas old age is seen as stale, stuck in our ways. What if we adopted a youthful, open, curious mind in business?

I am reminded of one of the most powerful influences on my thinking, which is the masterpiece of Zen literature, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind by Shunryu Suzuki, which opens in this way:

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.

So, to paraphrase, we need to devise a learning culture based on the premise that we are always beginning, never finished. Each of us is constantly developing new observations, new premises, concocting new explanations for what is going on. And our business culture needs to support that, and not suppress the curiosity that animates beginner’s mind.

Read the whole piece.
"Every time I type a web address into my browser, I don’t need to be taken to a fully immersive, cross-platform, interactive viewing experience,” said San Diego office manager Keith Boscone. “I don’t want to take a moment to provide my feedback, open a free account, become part of a growing online community, or see what related links are available at various content partners."

New Social Ebay?

The new Ebay hasn’t hit my account yet, or maybe I don’t know how to get to the new, more social ebay. But it looks like a redesign based on Pinterest aesthetics:

We’ll have to see what it feels like once it’s live.

The stats on Ebay are pretty interesting:

No modern startup can ignore the siren call of social, even if at its own peril.

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