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Orchestra’s Mailbox makes email triage effortless - Stowe Boyd via GigaOM Research →

I managed to get invited to Orchestra’s Mailbox launch — if you try to sign up today there are 433,636 people waiting — and the app kills. It implement the email triage I have been doing with external task management tools like Asana and Todoist for years. And it’s so fast because of the gestural interface.

Here’s ‘swipe left to snooze email’ —


— which leads to a second screen where you can quickly assign a day when the snoozed email should be returned to your inbox from the Gmail archive. Yes, it only works on Gmail accounts, and only runs on iOS, at the present time.

My bottom line from the piece at GigaOM Research:

Inbox triage has long been a necessary chore, but Mailbox makes it simple and intuitive. My bet is that Mailbox will be an enormous hit, and will become one of the apps that define and confirm the new gestural UX that we are moving into so quickly. Also, I am sure that all other email clients will knock off the principles of email triage à la Mailbox. I envision a browser version of this working PCs in combination with Leap Motion, but it’s killer as is, and for people on iOS devices it will quickly become the default mail client of choice.

Go read the whole post, if you want.

PS Apple should buy them immediately.

First Look: Orchestra

I met Gentry Underwood last week at the Social Intranets Summit in Vancouver, and took some time later on to take a first look at Orchestra, the task management tool from the company of the same name that he founded. Orchestra is styled ‘The to-do list that’s connected to everyone’, which doesn’t capture its value proposition perfectly, but pretty well, since Orchestra is so well integrated to email.

First Look

Orchestra is a task management tool: the only objects that can be created and shared are tasks, so it doesn’t quite stretch into the work media category. However, with just a small bit of additional effort — like supporting the notion of an activity stream, and plain vanilla text posts — Orchestra could compete with project-oriented work media tools like Yammer, Wrike and Huddle.

The app is very elegant looking, grouping tasks into ‘today’ ‘soon’ and ‘someday’ ranges:

The left column shows the various ‘lists’ — projects — that I created. ‘Work’ is selected, and two of the three tasks in that list are assigned to me, hence the number two. I assigned one task, ‘Write up Orchestra’, to my alter ego

I selected the ‘Bring tickets monday to Ignite’ task, and you can see the task information to the right. This task was created by forwarding an email to

The text of the email is shown in the stream of status updates, along with other state changes. The email isn’t accessible directly, and there is no mechanism to create arbitrary emails from the tool. But it does send emails to those associated with the triggering emails, as a general rule.

The task name was taken from the first line of the email, which I wrote as this:

Bring tickets monday to Ignite !shhh

The ‘!shhh’ microsyntax tells Orchestra not to update the others who might be included on the from:, to:, and cc: lines of the email when the task is updated. Otherwise Orchestra assumes that those people should be notified a/ when the task has been set up, and b/ whenever the task state changes, such as someone completing it or commenting on it. That general rule makes it very simple to share Orchestra tasks with others if they are external users, and if they have accounts they will see the updates on the web or iPhone clients.

And there is a variety of other microsyntax in the triggering email:

Bring tickets monday to #Ignite — would add the task to the Ignite list

Bring tickets !today to Ignite — would timestamp the task for today

In that other task, ‘Write up Orchestra’, the other user does not have an Orchestra account, but can participate through email:

And when the external user agrees to take on the task by clicking on that box, that updates the status on the task, and brings the external user to a page showing the comments and other status updates on the task:

Turns out my comment in the image above was wrong. I did not need an account to fully participate on that one task, and Orchestrate did not give me visibility to other tasks in the project, just the one I was asked to take on. That is a very interesting way to involve outsiders in complex and perhaps confidential projects.

Above is that same task viewed on the iPhone, where Orchestra has obviously invested a great deal of effort getting the form factor right.

Bottom Line

Orchestrate is a stylish, well-designed and email-oriented task manager. AS I said, just a small investment of time would push it squarely in the work media category, which it clearly wants to be in. In fact, merely adding a comment thread to each list would be enough.

The viability of task manager apps on the iPhone platform is very much up in the air, given what Apple will be providing in the iOS 5 Notifications, in just a few weeks, especially in concert with Assistant. Still Orchestra is a solid start, and headed in a good direction.

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