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We’re Living In The Dark Ages Of Social Media | →

Ross Kimbarovsky thinks that today’s social media is pretty unevolved. Personally, I avoid the greater social media world: I don’t click on links about ‘Ten Tips To Increase Blog Traffic’ or ‘How Twitter Can Increase Your Influence.’ I simply follow people I find interesting, watch as actual issue rise, and participate in a way that suits my own interests.

I do think that social media could be much more social, which is one of the reasons that tools like Tumblr and Flipboard are so interesting.

But Ross is more concerned about me-too writing, complacency, and writing that doesn’t challenge. Its ultimately a question of people getting what they want. If millions of people want to read about Lindsey Lohan, or Jodie Fisher’s role in Hurd’s departure from HP, they will, and advertisers will flock to support sites that pander to yellow journalism. It’s inevitable! Get over it.

Find the good writers, the interesting corners of the Web with real interaction, networks of questioning intellects. Support them. Forget the rest.

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