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Short Takes For 18 May 2010 

Alex Payne leaves Twitter to co-found banksimple, a new web bank business based in NYC.

LazyFeed *finally* follows a recommendation I gave them a year ago, and have reconfigured their app to allow users to publish streams, or ‘channels’, of information. Louis Gray has a more detailed write-up. Looks like they are trying to compete with Tumblr?

Jason Calacanis and a group of other angels funds ‘This Week In’ for $300K, launching a new live streaming web network. ‘Watching streaming shows on your iPad is the future,’ Jason says.

Rumors swirling about Apple’s plans for Lala — a streaming music service to rival Spotify. is shutting down 31 May, and the San Francisco Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is June 7. Will we finally be getting a social iTunes?

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