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Prediction: Tim Armstrong Will Be Sacked, Huffington Will Become AOL CEO

Just thought I’d do this before I go on vacation because, who knows.

The AOL hemorrhaging isn’t over, and a good housecleaning — shutting down Patch, selling off the web access business — could immediately follow his going.

It’s just a matter of time, since no one has figured out hyperlocal media — if there is such a thing to figure out — by Ariana certainly understands new media, and could scale that end up, I bet, especially with some other acquisitions.

The AOL-TechCrunch Investing Controversy - Kara Swisher →

After a long and interesting rant about Michael Arrington’s transcendent ethics (21st century, or zero ethics, depending on your view), Kara Swisher sums it up this way:

it’s pointless to give a turtle a hard time for not being a fish.

The skinny is that Arrington recently decided to up his level of personal investing in companies he reviews, and Swisher thinks that’s ‘icky’ even though he discloses it. And since Huffington recently sacked an editor for a breach of ethics, what the hell is going on? AOL has announced that no one but Arrington can do this, but he is grandfathered.

It’s a mess, and I am another who wonders how long Arrington will be an AOL employee.

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