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Blurred people in architectural drawings: Welcome to the Postnormal


Joep Jacobs

In a world of real and imagined pressures to move fast, architects are rendering people as ballistic objects, hurling through designed spaces:

Sue Shellenbarger, How Busy Colleagues Spread Secondhand Stress -

Architects have begun blurring human figures in drawings of new-office projects, to appeal to clients who aspire to active, high-energy workplaces, says Jorge Barrero, a technical designer in Chicago for Gensler, an architecture, planning and design firm. The image is one clients “can connect with on an emotional level,” Mr. Barrero says.

Tom Krizmanic, a principal with Studios Architecture in New York, says about a quarter of the 218 designs he helped judge in a recent office-design competition, co-sponsored by Business Interiors by Staples, showed humans as blurred figures in motion. The trend began about three years ago, he says.

This may be the enterprise elite’s equivalent of the new aesthetics. Instead of glitch art and drones, though, it’s executives sprinting through foyers or hallways, striding purposefully across streets, just on the verge of reaching escape velocity.


Glitch Brand 

Another fashion brand to utilize glitch aesthetics for it’s clothing line:

A “glitch” is an unexpected result of a malfunction or digital error.

Glitch art is the visual manifestation of such an error…an error not be discarded or deleted but given a new purpose as a form of artistic expression.

Our in house design team utilizes exclusive, one of a kind, “glitch photographic“ images to open a portal to a new fine art fashion movement.

To us, a glitch offers a perfectly amazing peice of art to be seen…and worn in the digital age!

Get in the glitch…

Glitch Brand.

Nothing is available at it’s store yet, but you can out more at their site here and their Tumblr blog here

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