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Dropbox hires Ross Piper from Salesforce to speed enterprise adoption — Stowe Boyd via GigaOM Pro →

Stowe Boyd via

Ross Piper, former SVP of enterprise strategy and alliances at Salesforce, has joined Dropbox in a new position — VP of enterprise strategy — to move the company aggressively into the enterprise space.

Note that Dropbox has had a lot of success in the past year or so, since it provided management tools for IT departments to manage the cloud-based file sync-and-share capabilities it offers, but faces strong competition from established players like EMC and Box.

All this according to CIO Journal’s Michael Hickins, who comments on new tools released earlier this month at the Dropbox developer conference and Piper’s hiring

Looking At The Wrong End Of The Formula

Dan Lyons talks with Sanu Desai about the tsunami about to smash into the enterprise software world. Desai is looking at one end of the formula — the value of the new companies destabilizing the market:

`A Trillion-Dollar Transfer Of Wealth Is About To Hit Silicon Valley’ - Dan Lyons

I was having a drink in San Francisco with Sanu Desai, a longtime Silicon Valley investment banker whose track record includes helping Amazon go public back in 1997. We were talking about how attention has been shifting away from business-to-consumer companies and back toward the business-to-business sector, when Desai said something startling: “We’re about to see a trillion-dollar transfer of wealth in Silicon Valley,” he said. “We’re still in the very early days of this.”

What he means is that if you add up the market valuation of the old-guard companies selling to the enterprise — Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Cisco and so on — you’re looking at about $1 trillion in total. And those companies are about to get hit with a tsunami of competition as smaller, more nimble rivals rush into the market offering solutions that outperform the old guys at a fraction of the price.

Little by little, those upstarts will tear away market share held by the old guard and rob them of their market value. “A huge amount of wealth is going to get transferred over,” Desai said.

Yes, sure. But the big story is unspoken here: what is the new model of computing and communication for the enterprise, after the smoke clears? How much more agile will companies be? Will collaboration across companies be simpler? Will we be able to do something cheaply and easily that today is expensive and difficult, or perhaps unaffordable and impossible?

That is the end of the formula that we should be focusing on, not a bunch of would-be world-beaters becoming wealthy. 

In many ways, the enterprise software shift mirrors that of the media and cable companies fighting for relevance in a world moving to digital content (HT @hamburger). If users and enterprises can select apps that are decoupled from an entire suite, we might find they’d use a completely different set of technology, just as many consumers would only subscribe to HBO or Showtime if given the option.

Of course, every benefit brings a new and unique challenge. In a world where users bring their own devices into the workplace, connect to any network, and use a mix of apps, managing and securing business information becomes an incredibly important and incredibly challenging undertaking. Similarly, how do we get disparate companies to build apps that work together, instead of spawning more data silos? And as we move away from large purchases of suites from a single provider, what is the new business model that connects vendors with customers (both end users and IT departments) with minimal friction?

- Aaron Levie, The Post-PC Enterprise via TechCrunch

I have to start watching Ellis Hamburger’s (@hamburger) work more closely, because the comparison of enterprise software to the shifting world of New TV is one I made for the first time last week. And Levie is asking great questions (take a look at this post about work media's silos in the enterprise).

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