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Short Takes for 19 May 2010 

Dave McClure stirs the pot at Google I/O conference, stating ‘Open Is For Losers’. Looks like he was just taking one side of an argument as a rhetorical device, though.

Maybe McClure was channeling Steve Jobs, because Apple was completely absent from Google I/O, the elephant in the room no one was talking about, according to Louis Gray.

Mark Zuckerberg just can’t get out of the limelight. Today’s news is possible securities fraud, a claim brought by the founders of ConnectU, who won a settlement against Zuckerberg and Facebook in 2008 but who are claiming he manipulated stock prices to make the settlement less than agreed.

The Guardian’s Open Platform launched today, perhaps the best support for my argument that in the future successful media companes will look and act like software companies.

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