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Trent Wolbe Descends In The CES Infinity Pool

Nice words and pictures by Trent Wolbe at CES. CES is a looking glass: we hold it up to see ourselves, or at least one half of ourselves.

The future is now, the future is weird: an expedition into the dark heart of CES Trent Wolbe via The Verge

In 2013 the information revolution is an institution. In a world where everyone’s mom has an iPhone, how is technology supposed to feel futuristic?


It’s not that CES doesn’t try its hardest to cultivate a face that’s both cutting-edge and youthful. But look a little closer: behind the posh celebrity DJ nights and wild bottle service parties the big companies are fond of throwing you’ll find it’s simply an older generation’s idea of what innovators like to do when they party. Perhaps they haven’t been to a real rager since the mid-’90s: the face of these events is artificially enhanced, deadened by botox and hovering dangerously close to the edge of the infinity pool.


As far as I can tell, every person that I know who is going to CES views it as more of a chore. They’re not excited to go; they dread it. PR people may seem overly enthusiastic about it (27 emails about iGoldenShower or whatever — really?), but following this tweet, a few messaged me to say that they actually hate it more than any other week of the year. By all accounts, CES is a shitshow. And to make matters worse, it’s not even timed with the porn convention this year.

- MG Siegler, For The 5th Year In A Row, Apple Wins CES. Before It Starts. Without Showing Up. via TechCrunch

Why I don’t go to CES.

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