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Work Media: Social Tools For Business

Work media is altering the DNA of business.Last year, I started a project — The Streams In Business Report — that has undergone several transformations, leading to a new website, Work Media. This is the term I am applying to the growing category of social tools for business, based on ‘work + social media = work media’:

Work Media: social tools designed for the enterprise but based on the patterns of interaction, influence, and communication from social networks of the open web.  Work media tools share a number of characteristics, most centrally the streaming metaphor of Twitter and Facebook, with short updates from a variety of sources cascade into each user’s dashboard, from which each can derive a networked gestalt of the world. Work media is altering the DNA of business.

I populated the site with condensed versions of those in last year’s Streams In Business report, and I will be updating those as well as adding new reviews, and presenting other information as well, such as interviews and surveys.

At present there are reviews for the following products:

Bantam Live
CoffeeBean Technology
IBM Lotus Connections

I plan to do several reviews of this sort a month, so please state your preferences for other tools to look at.

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