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Who are you all?

A random survey of aorund 10 of my newest followers, and 8 out 10 had ‘Untitled’ as their blog name, and 6 had no posts yet.

Looks like a large migration onto Tumblr is taking place. 

Question: Where are you new tumblrers coming from? Are you leaving Facebook, or just adding Tumblr into the mix?

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  1. vforvic answered: You post readworthy stuff about technology, media, and its role in our lives. I’m no engineer or web designer, but I love talking tech.
  2. daualset answered: Have been on tumblr for years. Futurist lover, found you via Gerd Leonhard.
  3. beenposh answered: I’m no new tumblrer, but i know that more and more of my FB friends are experimenting with tumblr.
  4. littlecielo reblogged this from stoweboyd and added:
    After growth of Sina Weibo, Blogs die such as BolgBus! I wanna see localize Tumblr in China market~
  5. codingandfortunecookies answered: I’m from the land of Wordpress! I came for the slicker interface and more awesome social features!
  6. tacanderson answered: "Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years." :)
  7. bisontex answered: I’m adding Tumblr for my business site. I’ve been on tumblr before.
  8. maxine1973 reblogged this from stoweboyd and added:
    still trying to figure it all out but liking it so far. So far - no BS!
  9. sethteeters answered: Been on tumblr forever, but I only found you recently through searching for Singularity and Futurist blogs. 25 year old digital artist.
  10. behzodsirjani answered: I’ve followed you for a while, but FWIW, I’m a grad student in Seattle.
  11. digithoughts answered: You’re a suggested blog so many new tumblr’s will follow you. Some will remain ghost blogs, some will unfullow and some diamonds will stay.
  12. almostlucidthoughts answered: Science blogger, use Tumblr as a micro-blog, post my own original work as well as others I find interesting.
  13. alteredclone answered: I’m a person i swear.
  14. residuallama answered: Pure experimentation! Still working out how to use the app - seems you can’t write an answer with it. Lots of interesting stuff here though.
  15. emergentfutures answered: Very similar here Stowe - will ask the same question
  16. ulamspiral answered: Curiosity. I’ve heard of tumbler, cast a wide net while logging in, and signed up for all recommended blogs,will refine later. Thankss
  17. crazymikesapps answered: Just adding Tumblr into the mix! The Crazymikesapps blog wants to get the word out about what We do; review iPhone,iPad, and Android apps!
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  19. therealsusanscrupski answered: Adding Tumblr to the mix. Just finding my way around at present.
  20. stoweboyd posted this

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