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The World in 2050 | Delivering Tomorrow →

I watched a really awful video about so-called futures from DHL called The World in 2050 | Delivering Tomorrow

My comments are awaiting moderation, but here they are:

This isn’t futurism, it’s propaganda. Where is the discussion of governance? With the exception of the one scenario — the one that suggests the rise of protectionism and nationalism is totally negative — the implication of these projections is that the extension of postmodern neoliberalism and globalism is the only option. Perhaps those old white men up there to the right have a difficulty imaging truly different worlds, ones in which the post WWII consensus about the dominance of free trade and corporate exploitation of the worlds resources aren’t a given.

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  1. murmursofearth77 said: Futurist Jamais Cascio writes about this problem: “If technology forecasts are what the clients want to buy, technology forecasts will be what futurists sell.”…
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