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Table for Two: Foodspotting Joins the OpenTable Family →

Foodspotting has been acquired by OpenTable, which looks like an amazingly smart pairing. Foodspotting will remain a separate website and application, but will be integrated into the OpenTable strategic direction:

Alexa Andrzejewski

Rest assured that Foodspotting will continue to live on as a standalone product, as OpenTable deeply values the Foodspotting community and your contributions. You’ll still be able to spot food anywhere in the world, from street food stalls to seven course meals. But you can also look forward to smarter recommendations, better restaurant information and a more visual, social and design-driven dining experience as we bring the best of Foodspotting to OpenTable.

Interesting that this happened just as the backlash to taking pictures in restaurants has reached a high pitch. Perhaps Foodspotting was seeing a slight decrease in use?

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