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My New Default Meeting: 15 Minutes

I had a call with a social tools vendor the other day, getting the basic lowdown on the tool, the tool’s differentiation, and his immediate plans. I asked a few questions, agreed to getting a demo in a week or two, and we said goodbye. 17 minutes had passed.

I am not the only one who is working to get back time by making meetings dramatically shorter:

Glenn Engler, 15 Is the New 60

I’m trying my best to get rid of 60 minute meetings.  They are a crutch — if you block off 60 minutes, it will probably take 60 minutes.  My regular 1-on-1s are now 30 minutes.  If we need more time, we’ll make it — but we’ve all found that focusing on 30 minutes makes them productive.  While there are a few longer meetings on the book — client-facing, or our monthly All-Hands meeting, 30 minutes are ample time for the bulk of the other ones.

But what about 15?  If you embrace the concept of tight agendas, prepared, and solutions-focused, we can go faster.  I love it tackling a 30 minute meeting in 15. We look at each other and say “anything else?”  And the answer is “no.”  We just gained back 15 minutes.

So 15 in my new normal. 

I also noticed a feature in Google Calendar settings called ‘speedy meetings’, as I was setting the default meeting length from 60 minutes to 15. It trims time at the end of longer meetings, so that a 30 minute meeting ends 5 minutes early, and so on.

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