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Over half of American homes don’t have or use their landline — Stacey Higgenbotham via GigaOM →

A recent survey by the Centers For Disease Control discovered that we’ve crossed the halfway point into wirless phoneland:

Over half of American homes don’t have or use their landline, Stacey Higgenbotham

[…] more than one-third of American homes (35.8 percent) had only wireless telephones during the first half of 2012 while 15.9 percent of all households had both landline and wireless telephones but received all or almost all calls on the wireless phones. This means 51.7 percent of U.S. homes don’t have or didn’t use their landlines in the first half of 2012. That’s a 1.8 percent increase from the same period a year ago.

The CDC wants to know because of its interest in health data. There is a generation of products — like testing pacemakers — that rely on landline connections, but I expect that innovation in mobile apps will solve that gap.

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