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What’s the 30-sec elevator pitch for enterprise social tools?


Bad elevator pitches 

It’s the new email

It is like … internal Facebook / internal Twitter / etc

it’s a driver for cultural change

it will break down silos

Better elevator pitches 

ask questions, and get answers from across the organisation

meet other people with common interests

discover valuable information

improve productivity, allowing more to be done in difficult times

Where we finally came to is the power of stories

“Let me tell you about something that came up earlier this year. We were chasing a big new customer, and they wanted detailed figures on environmental impact. The standard templates had numbers, but they were all 5 years old. So the team put out a call for help, and within 2 hours, not only did they have the right figures, but a whole new angle for the pitch was identified. On the back of this, we won the job, which was worth $100k. Without the social tools, we’d still be waiting for email responses after the deadline had passed .”

- James Robertson
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