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Twitter Attracts Users With ‘Highest Cognitive Abilities’

It appears that Twitter users — at least those in Australia, anyway — are smarter than those that favor other social networks:

The Smartest People Prefer Twitter To LinkedIn And Facebook, Research Shows [STUDY] - Shea Bennett via AllTwitter

Psychometric testing company Onetest surveyed 2,851 graduates from around Australia, exploring the outcomes (life satisfaction, salary and career progression) of people who had entered the workforce between 2002 and 2011, before cross-referencing this data against their social network of choice.

And the results? While only four percent listed Twitter as their preferred social tool, these respondents had the “highest cognitive abilities” of users across all the main social channels.

The survey revealed that Facebook was the most preferred social platform, followed by LinkedIn, but that there was no statistically significant difference between the average cognitive abilities of users other than those who favoured Twitter.

That explains a great deal about the nature of discourse at Twitter, relative to Facebook, for example.

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