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So The Pin Is Explained: It’s Pinola!

Tumblr has introduced a new way to promote posts: pinning it on other people’s dashboard, which means it will show up at the top of every page in your follower’s dashboards.

Hmm. Sounds like spam.

As Whitneymcn says:

This doesn’t feel like a good idea.

Still, it’s worth five bucks to try it out. Which is to say that I’m paying $5 to have this post stuck on your dashboard, not mine, for the several seconds it takes to un-pin it.

I’ve been plenty wrong about stuff like this over the years, but this doesn’t feel like a good idea.

It would be better if a post became pinned because a lot of people liked it, or was based on some other emergent property, not just payola. I bet ‘pinola’ will change pretty quickly to something else.

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