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To not appear on Techmeme, do this:
- Write enigmatic headlines. Omit key details in your headline.
- Bury the most important part of your story near the end of the piece.
- Paywall your story.
- Omit links to stories previously appearing on other news sites that you’re clearly referencing or using as source material.
- Fail to update your story if the facts are rapidly developing.
- Write a 10% more thoughtful post on a story, but 8 hours later than everyone else.
- Post something crappier than everyone else’s take 90 seconds before everyone else.
- Intelligently and exhaustively report on something that’s entirely old news and well-understood to Techmeme readers.
- Write about something arcane without illuminating its greater significance.
- Have factual errors, egregious spelling or grammar mistakes.
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