Confusing one’s own youth with the youth of the world is a common human affliction, but California has been changing so fast for so long that every new generation gets to experience both a fresh version of the California dream and, typically by late middle-age, its painful death.

Daniel Duane, My Dark California Dream

A profoundly sad essay about the ecological impacts of population pressure, climate change, and high-tech economic skewness in California.



JRR Tolkien’s annotated map of Middle-earth discovered inside copy of The Lord of the Rings | Read more

A recently discovered map of Middle-earth annotated by JRR Tolkien reveals The Lord of the Rings author’s observation that Hobbiton is on the same latitude as Oxford, and implies that the Italian city of Ravenna could be the inspiration behind the fictional city of Minas Tirith.

Blackwell’s, which is currently exhibiting the map in Oxford and selling it for £60,000, called it “an important document, and perhaps the finest piece of Tolkien ephemera to emerge in the last 20 years at least.” | Read more

Next stops on the bucket list: Oxford and Ravenna