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/Message was started in January 2006, following my departure from Corante and the former Get Real blog. The tagline for /Message was ‘the operating manual for the social revolution' which shows the orientation I have had, and will continue, in my writings here, at this new blog.

I am in the process of moving over the great majority of posts from /Message to this new simplified domain,, now without the following /message.

This is not a new blog conceptually, just a reformation of the previous one.

The change is really about the problems I have encountered with the previous blog platform (see Why I Am Going To Leave Squarespace) and the desires I have for blogging these days (Goodbye /Message, Hello Stowe Boyd). I plan to move nearly all of the previous /Message to Stowe Boyd over the next few weeks, so bear with me.

Note that the reality is that my URLs are going to be different, based both on the elimination of ‘/message’ in the pathnames, as well as fact that Tumblr, the new host, doesn’t have any import or redirection capabilities (despite its many attractive features). This means you may try to find an old link, like ‘’, and you will see a screen like this:

In this case you may want to search by title or keyword, or use the archive (especially if you know the date of the old post, since we are reposting them here on the same dates), or search by tags (like ‘’).

Some of the most popular posts are highlighted in the sidebar to the left, and that list will be expanded to about 100 posts.

Other complex pages that I created in the old implementation of my website will be rehosted here in the coming days, like my Research on Microstreams in Business and the materials associated with the Social Business Edge event back in April. Stay tuned.

Thanks for dealing with the debris caused by my move. I apologize for any trouble it may cause.

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