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Futurist, researcher, edgling. My focus is the future of work, and the tectonic forces pushing business, media, and society into an unclear and accelerating postnormal era.

I coined the terms ‘social tools’ in 1999, ‘publicy’ in 2009, and ‘hashtag’ in 2007.

I’m managing director at Gigaom Research, focusing on work technology and the future of work.

I’ve spoken at dozens of conferences and events worldwide, including Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, GigaOM Net:Work, Reboot, Next, Mesh, Shift, Lift, SIBOS, Defrag, SxSW, SocialNow, and various TEDx events.

Master of Science in Computer Science, Boston University; Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Natural Science, University of Massachusetts Amherst, with honors, magna cum laude; Phi Beta Kappa. I was a software researcher/lecturer for ten years, an accidental entrepreneur, and worked for numerous journals and analyst firms.

I have over 250 stitches in my head, mostly from brain surgery.


Third person version, here.

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