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My focus is the future of work, and the tectonic forces pushing business, media, and society into an unclear and accelerating postnormal era. I consider myself a web anthropologist and futurist. 

I started my career as a software researcher working in programming tools and software environments (Modular C, Systant). I’ve been computer science lecturer, entrepreneur, analyst, newsletter editor, columnist, president of a blog media company (Corante), and mostly as a commentator and advisor. I have served in other roles and appointments, far too many to enumerate. I started blogging in 2000, and along the way I coined the terms ‘social tools’ and ‘hashtag’. I have over 250 stitches in my head, mostly from brain surgery.

I have presented at numerous conferences and events worldwide, including Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, GigaOM Net:Work, Reboot, Next, Mesh, Shift, Lift, SIBOS, Defrag, SxSW, and TEDxMidAtlantic. 

I am working on a book about the future of work and our place in it called Leanership: A New Way Of Work. 

I’ve been asked recently to present views on the future in public and private venues. Some of those presentations are outlined, here.

In October 2013, I launched the Future of Work, an open community organized to understand and channel new ways of working together, to redefine our connection to work and each other, and ultimately, through that, to change the world.

I am the lead researcher for the future of work at Gigaom Research. My writing here is my own, and does not reflect the views or opinions of Gigaom.

I am active in Beacon NY public policy, serving on the Beacon Democratic Committee, the Beacon Trails Committee, and the BeaconArts Main Street Sharrows and Beacon Loop Trail projects. I also founded BeaconStreets, a journal of lifestyle, arts, and culture for that Hudson Valley city.

I can usually be found on Twitter as @stoweboyd.

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