Pew Internet Report on The Future Of Privacy

They asked:

Will policy makers and technology innovators create a secure, popularly accepted, and trusted privacy-rights infrastructure by 2025 that allows for business innovation and monetization while also offering individuals choices for protecting their personal information in easy-to-use formats? Describe what you think the reality will be in 2025 when it comes to the overall public perception about whether policy makers and corporations have struck the right balance between personal privacy, secure data, and compelling content and apps that emerge from consumer tracking and analytics. 

I responded:

The powers-that-be will not come together to support this, and the technological underpinnings of the massively distributed infrastructure of the Web—changing all the time—cannot be easily curtailed. For example, imagine just the issue of Chinese-designed and built mobile operating systems. We have seen the emergence of publicy as the default modality, with privacy declining. In order to ‘exist’ online, you have to publish things to be shared, and that has to be done in open, public spaces if serendipity—or influence on more than existing friends—is desired. People have come to rely on implicit norms that do not take into account big data algorithms or the NSA reading literally everything, or they accept the hypothetical consequences of openness as a byproduct of its direct benefits.

Which was featured in the first paragraph of the report.

Note that today researchers announced that Chinese-made Coolpad devices were discovered to have security backdoors in their version of Android (see Threatpost).

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