Snowden a ‘traitor’: Andreessen

Andreessen reveals his take on Snowden’s revelations about NSA snooping:

NSA leaker Edward Snowden is a “traitor,” venture capitalist Marc Andreessen told CNBC. The secrets he’s revealed have hurt Silicon Valley by association, and President Barack Obama is doing nothing to change that perception on the world stage.

“The Snowden reveals keep coming out. The [Obama] administration is letting the NSA out to dry. They’re letting the American tech industry out to dry,” Andreessen said in a “Squawk Box” interview that aired Thursday.

The fallout from the Snowden leaks have hurt U.S. technology firms’ ability to sell their products overseas, he added.

My bet is that the logic runs the other way: Andreessen thinks he’s a traitor because American companies – like those he’s invested in – have been harmed by the revelations. You’d think he might point a finger at NSA spying as the cause of that, not the guy who showed – unequivocally – that the NSA was spying on us all, and lying about it. But, no. 

And what is it that Obama should do? Send a drone strike or a Navy Seal team to take Snowden out? Invade Russia? Arrest Greenwald?

Obama has missed an opportunity to change US policies, and give up on massive, unbounded spying. He could have walked away from Patriot Act thinking, but he’s unwilling to do so because he still believes in American exceptionalism. He believes the US must meddle in everything, everywhere. But Obama is wrong, and so is Andreesen.

Snowden a ‘traitor’: Andreessen

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