Steelcase Global Posture Study

Technology is the single greatest force driving the changes in the way we work, live and behave. 

The multiple devices we deploy throughout our work day allow us to flow between tasks, fluidly and frequently. And the user interface of these technologies are increasingly intuitive and responsive to the gestures of the human hands and face. 

But what about the interface between the rest of the body and the place in which the device is being used? What about gesture recognition for the human body? 

While our technologies have continued to advance, no one has designed for the impact of these technologies on the human body, or for the physiology of how work happens today. 

Until now. 

Steelcase studied how our devices are changing the way we sit: the connection we have with our devices, desk, and chair. The system interfaces where out arms, core, and seat touch and push against the chair.

The result is the new Steelcase Gesture chair, which I would like to try for a week or two. (Are you listening, Steelcase?)

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