Ben Zimmer, X-iversaries everywhere

Ben Zimmer notices Chris Messina’s use of #hashtagiversary in a post about the use of -(i)versary as a free-floating language element:

The second is from Chris Messina, a.k.a. the hashtag godfather, on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of his proposal of the hashtag convention on Twitter:

(Messina didn’t actually coin hashtag on that fateful day in 2007 — that was done a few days later by Stowe Boyd, another early Twitter adopter. See the Spring 2013 installment of “Among the New Words” in American Speech [pdf], which I co-wrote with Charles Carson, as well as Boyd’s own recent post on the subject.)

Six years ago Chris Messina presented the idea of ‘channels’ for Twitter, and I called them hashtags, and predicted they would be used as topic indicators. But Chris was right, too: witness the growing uses of hashtags for Twitter ‘chatrooms’.

Ben Zimmer, X-iversaries everywhere

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