Christopher Mims, Just one small problem with smart watches: They’re all terrible

Summing up reviews of the current crop of smart watches, Wirecutter declared in March 2013 they were all “kind of crummy.” Ever since, it’s been up to manufacturers to prove reviewers wrong, and I predicted just days ago that Sony would fail to meaningfully up the ante with its new smart watch.

A rundown of the features of Sony’s SmartWatch 2, including comparisons with its closest competitors, the Pebble and the MetaWatch, bears out that prediction. The woes of current smart watches are myriad, from inadequate battery life (imagine charging your watch daily, like your smartphone) to low-resolution screens to a lack of third-party apps (i.e., the software that makes smartphones so useful). But the primary issue with smart watches is that there has yet to be a category-defining device worth copying by all its competitors. That is, smart watches have yet to have their iPod or iPhone moment.

If I were to use yet-another-device it would have to be much smaller than a watch, and not something I would strap to my wrist. Maybe a smart ring?

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