A Bit Of Encouragement

I got a bit of fan mail today, which is actually relatively rare, so I thought I’d share it (with author’s name dropped, in case they didn’t mean to have others know about its source):

I’m not even sure how I crossed paths with your feed but its having a great impact on me. 

I work as a UX professional, trying to help interfaces play nice with people, otherwise I probably relate closer to a luddite demographic in my history of staying ahead of the curve. That said I am now a dedicated digital citizen and embrace the roller coaster we’re all riding but when I read your tumblr posts I feel like a time traveller who just saw his first glimpse of a future world. That, or a character in an old twilight zone episode, where they are somehow receiving transmissions from a different time through a mysterious figure on the other end of the device du jour.

I try to read as much as possible from places like MIT and tech research centric sites/feeds but above all the noise it seems most of all I really value the quotes, excerpts and opinions you share. Aside from my professional path I am an artistic type and really get some great cerebral tangents going after consuming your blog’s content.

In case you don’t get enough encouragement (especially in times when self doubt creeps in) I just want to let you know that your feed is the best thing on tumblr right now and want to thank you profusely for providing such a feast for my insatiable imagination.


My motivations for writing here are fairly personal – I can’t think without writing and curating – but it’s a good feeling to think that doing it all in public adds value for others, and that we are a community of people, looking out for each other.

And I like the image of me as ’a mysterious figure on the other end of the device du jour’ in a Twilight Zone episode.

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