Speek: Phone Numberless Conference Calls

I took a look at the just-released Speek, and it’s pretty smart. Basically, a user can set up a free account online, and simply share the account URL with others, and they can type in their own phone number so that Speek will call the back. Once the connection is made, the callers and the account owner share a collaborative webpage that supports file sharing and chat.


Pretty cool. The owner has the ability to mute people on the webpage on on the phone call. There is an iPhone app with limited functionality (no file viewing, but uploads possible, for example).

After the call is over, the session is saved in an archive, with a chat transcript and copies of any uploaded files.


Bottom Line

I will have to try with a larger group, but it seems like the smallest and simplest conference call solution I’ve seen. I love not having to know people’s phone numbers, and I don’t send out a phone number for the others, either. Just send out the URL and a time, and you’re done.

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