From the post at GigaOM Pro:

Imagine a company that ran totally on crowdsourcing, where an impartial automaton posts work assignments (along with fees), and members of the ‘workcrowd’ opt to take on work through some sort of bidding process. Upon completion, the machinery — or another member of the workcrowd — would determine if the work was adequate for its purpose. Presumably, the determination of what tasks need to be done could likewise be crowdsourced. An entire organization that is all crowd, no boss.

Perhaps a bit scifi even for my tastes, but there is certainly something intriguing about adding artificial intelligence to the mix, if only to manage aspects of the coordination of increasingly independent workers. As [Daniel] Barowy said, ”One way to think about it is that it saves the interesting parts, the creative parts, or the fun parts for people. It’s really the best of both worlds. You have the computer doing the grunt work.”

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