Random Amazon

Darius Kazemi wrote a bot to buy random things on Amazon. Very much in the US Christmas spirit.

One of the first shipments arrived:

Random Shopper

Upon opening the package, it was obviously a CD but… of what?? There’s not much to go on. Something foreign, probably? From the back of the CD cover I could tell it was from Sweden and printed in 1999. But what kind of music? I had no way of knowing, so I popped it in a CD player in my car.

Let me tell you: the tension was palpable. It is not often that I get a CD where I have no idea what’s on it, and can’t even make good inferences from the cover.

I pressed play and was delighted to hear what seemed to be a modern avant-garde composer working with dissonant electronic sounds. This is some seriously good shit. It’s fantastic, like nothing I’ve ever heard — specifically it makes my car sound like it’s falling apart, and actually startles me at times.

The whole idea is too crazy: it has to be classed as a work of art, a very conceptual work of art. So the fact that he received music that make his car sound like it’s falling apart is fitting. 

I think he should video the opening of the packages though.

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