Laura Dineen on Leadership In The Social Business

Laura Dineen of Bloom Social Business wrote some great notes about the event, and came up with this diagram and extremely condensed synopsis of what Paul Greenberg and I discussed there.

Courage, trust, purpose and collaboration: social business change from Pivot – Laura Dineen

#PivotCon kicked off perfectly with Stowe Boyd and Paul Greenberg setting the scene for the whole two days ahead. Things have changed in profound ways and we’re now living in the postnormal – a world that’s changed but hasn’t caught up to us yet. For leaders this is scary and uncertain (VUCA), which makes it difficult to make decisions, and difficult to use existing data to plan for the future. Organisations are closed with big bad departmental silos, whilst employees are disengaged and lack shared vision.

The disengaged employee is actually the 4D of the 3D workforce: distributed, discontinuous, decentralized and increasingly disengaged from the business.

Laura has made a real contribution with her diagrams. (Maybe I should talk to her about creating more for my Beyond Social book?)

Go read all of her notes on Pivot: it’s a great synopsis.

Oh, and I found this doodle of Paul Greenberg and me talking, by TheRealDanMeth:

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