Social TV And The Second Screen Special Report In The Press

Joe McKendrick reviews the Social TV and The Second Screen special report for Smart Planet (Social TV fuels race for ’second screen’ dominance: 13 disruptive companies):

Not too long ago, consumers had one screen in front of them at a time, and it was either a PC, or a standard television set. Now, consumers are surrounded by a “swarm of devices” that are increasingly interacting and overlapping one another. Lately, tablets have been the device of choice serving as the second screen of choice, and the race is on to capture big pieces of this vast new real estate.

That’s the gist of a new report by Stowe Boyd of Work Talk Research. He refers to the trend as “second screening,” but it means a lot more than simply having another screen present while watching television. It opens up a new era of interaction — the rise of “Social TV.” This Internet-TV convergence now taking place has implications for a range of industries, from broadcasting to content delivery to advertising.

To download the special report, click here.

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