Lean-Back 2.0 presentation by the Economist. Fascinating stats and observations.

The Economist recently promoted the head of its tablet apps to run all digital:

The Economist Hands All Digital Strategy To Its Tablet Chief – Robert Andrews via PaidContent.org

The Economist is handing control of its website to its tablet magazines controller, in a bid to unite the previously competitive units.

Oscar Grut, who was formerly digital editions managing director, has been promoted to the new role of managing director for “Economist Digital” as a whole.

A spokesperson tells paidContent it is “a role which has been created to reflect the change of business strategy within The Economist Group”.

The Economist’s tablet app editions and the website were previously run as two separate strands. Nick Blunden has run Economist.com since online EVP Ben Edwards left to be IBM’s digital strategy VP in 2010. Blunden will now report to Grut rather than to Economist UK managing director Nigel Ludlow.

It is a sign that, after years of struggling to make money and native products on the web, publishers increasingly view digital editions – familiar reversioning of their core legacy titles – as their primary digital products.

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