image by Christoph Niemann

Joe Hagen, Tweet Science

What’s great about Twitter, as opposed to its competitors Google+ and Facebook, is that it’s a free-for-all, with few rules, welcoming anyone and anything—it can be unpredictable and wild. But the danger is the Wild West becomes so many digital strip malls. And who’d want to spend time there?

This article wanders all over the place, but never comes down hard on any specific issue, aside from the free-floating anxiety of Twitter needing a business model.

I will say it clearly, and I hope that the Twitter overlords are listening: One obvious business model for Twitter is to actually take possession of the ‘tag space’ and sell sponsorships. Imagine a combination of curated and algorithmically collected tweets on the topic of ’#camera’ sponsored by Canon, or ’#smartcities’ supported by IBM. As I wrote recently in What Twitter Could Learn From Tumblr, Tumblr is showing how that might look (although Tumblr isn’t selling sponsorships yet, either).

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