I am happy to announce the launch of a new blog project,, where I will be exploring and advocating a social, alternative, regional, and disruptive food system. My dear friend and food-o-naut, Rachel Ann Weidinger, is my partner in this project.

From a recent post:

In the final analysis, long food chains with closed information cannot be safe, and create a situation where it is impossible to make informed decisions about the impacts of our food choices. And the companies that have come to control the global food market do not want to gather or provide that information. And it is difficult to imagine that our governments would start to compel them to do so.


The open food system will be social, and is as potentially disruptive to the established closed food system as social media has proven to be for the media world. Low-cost and low-friction software will mean that we can demassify food the way that social tools have demassified media. Supermarket chains might be a lot like newspaper conglomerates, in this model. Yes, we will still need to grow, produce and distribute food, but just as we have increasingly turned to the web to learn about — and influence — world and local events, so too we will turn to an open and social food system, managed online, to learn about and acquire food.

That is the charter of to explore and advocate the development of new social tools that will become the backbone of an alternative, regional, and disruptive food system.

Take a look at the sort of things we’ll be posting:

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