Art Meets Tech In NYC

Charlie O’Donnell, via email

New York City innovation community amazing is that the Big Apple is the center of such a diverse range of industries.  The new ideas here are not just about technology alone, but they’re disrupting the financial world, entertainment and media, fashion, and commerce, among others.  It’s not surprising, therefore, when the art world gets pulled into the innovation boom.  There are over 1700 members of the Arts/Tech Meetup, whose founder, Julia Kaganskiy, was profiled as one of the most influential women in technology by Fast Company.  Last November, scored funding from Thrive, Founder Collective, and several prominent angels.  Jen Bekman’s 20×200 is another venture backed art endeavor, getting money from True Ventures and others to sell fine prints. 

Another innovative NYC startup in the art space, Artsicle, is experimenting with a new model to make original pieces more accessable to everyone.  Think of it as Netflix for art.  You can take an $800 piece like the one above, and rent it for $50 a month—to see if you like it on your wall.  If you don’t, you can return it for another, at the same monthly rental fee.  Change pieces each season or just on a whim.

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